Parental Leave Amendments

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Employees who did not qualify for Maternity Leave, will now be granted 10 consecutive days’ Parental Leave when their child is born or when an adoption order is granted.

Parents who adopt children under the age of two years will be able to take adoptive leave of 2 months and two weeks consecutively (10 weeks consecutively). If there are two adoptive parents, only one will qualify for adoptive leave and the other for 10 consecutive days of parental leave.

The Act also makes provision for parents who are part of a surrogacy agreement, one parent will be entitled to 10 consecutive weeks of commissioning parental leave and the other parent is entitled to 10 consecutive days of parental leave.

Parental leave, Adoptive leave and Commissioning Parental Leave will be unpaid and the employees can withdraw from the Unemployment Insurance Fund.

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