Steps to follow for an effective payroll audit

Payroll audits should be conducted regularly to ensure that your payroll records are accurate and properly maintained, and to identify problems before they become issues. Generally, payroll audits are internal, […]

Payslips – Not just another piece of paper?

Payslip, Pay Stub, Remittance Advice, Remuneration Statement. Call it what you will, but by definition it is formal confirmation that employers are legally bound to provide to an employee at […]

Helpful Hints for Payroll (HCM)

When we think payroll we think salaries, right? This is not entirely wrong, but let’s unpack this for a second. Payroll plays an imperative role in any organization, big or […]

2022 Budget Speech Highlights

The Minister of Finance, Enoch Godongwana, delivered the 2022 Budget Speech on the 23 of February 2022. The Minister of Finance did not create an uproar with his maiden budget […]