A healthy workplace facilitates better results

We partner with our clients to design and deliver OHS solutions that meet their specific compliance obligations and address their business needs. Our clients have an allocated OHS practitioner to resolve their issues quickly and efficiently.

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Our service offering

LabourNet’s innovative solution for small- to medium-sized businesses follow a project plan approach to deliver a comprehensive service offering:

Project clarification meeting

Drafting of OHSMS

Facilitation of baseline risk assessments

Establishment of Safety Committee

Compliance review/audit

Continuous risk assessments

Online system review and support

Site emergency plan

Firefighting system

First aid system

Hazardous chemical agents

Incident investigation and reporting

Legal compliance audit

Management review

Software Helpdesk

Your Strategic Health & Safety Partner

LabourNet facilitates the management of health and safety in the workplace for employers and employees alike. Our range of professional and quality services supports companies in their drive towards legal compliance through a comprehensive Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS).

This includes identifying and mitigating risks as well as supporting with incident reporting and management.

Our solution delivers value-added benefits to organisations by promoting the ‘right way’ of working that enhances quality of life and prevents avoidable losses to people, property and the environment. Our service assists an organisation in:

Ensuring a safe working environment

Are you compliant with the OHS Act? How many of the following can you answer “Yes” to?

Successful companies ensure a safe, healthy and environmentally friendly workplace for all their stakeholders. Our innovative and client-centric approach provides you with an affordable solution that provides peace of mind that you are meeting your legal compliance obligations.

A solution delivered by people, supported with software!

Our cloud-based Human Capital Management software allows us to consult and provide you with a central location to view and handle all your health and safety matters in an easily accessible technology. The PSIber System assists users and your dedicated consultant to manage your health and safety management system. The system allows for reporting, recording and investigation of accidents and incidents!

Harness your human resource data to drive smarter decision-making.

What our system has to offer:

Uploading of documents

Access to policies and procedures

Recording of training completed

Recording of licenses and expiry dates

Recording of document status and expiry dates

A solution delivered by people, supported with software!

The PSIber People Management system assists your dedicated LabourNet team to manage your health and safety management service offering in one place.

Taking the Stress out of workplace Health & Safety

Contact us to find out how we can tailor a solution that forms the best extension of your human resources department that suits your needs and pocket!