Are you POPI, PAIA & CPA Compliant?

In addition to LabourNet’s comprehensive compliance product suite, LabourNet will handle all your Information Compliance needs, further enhancing our statement of becoming an extension of your HR department! Let us become your outsourced Information Compliance partner and mitigate the risk of non-compliance.

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What is POPI and why do I need to comply?

All businesses, large or small need to comply with the Protection of Personal Information Act and is enforced by fines and even criminal offences for the head of the Company. POPI deals with the processing of personal information of your employees, clients and suppliers with all departments of your Company being affected.

POPI enforces how you collect personal information, what you do with the personal information, how it is stored and ultimately, when and how it is destroyed after use. Our comprehensive service offering will ensure we assist you implement all the relevant policies and procedures to ensure you are POPI compliant!

POPIA Awareness Training​

Risk Assessments and Gap Analysis​

Reviewing and Drafting of Compliance Policies

Information Officer Appointment and Training​

Data Breach Assistance​

How does PAIA fit In?

The Promotion of Access to Information Act is a sister Act to POPI and operates side by side with POPI in many areas of compliance. PAIA is aimed at assisting individuals gain effective access to information that your Company may hold. This is predominantly achieved through the PAIA manual. The PAIA manual is a manual that sets out when and how an individual can request access to information your Company holds and when and how access to the information is either granted or denied. Every private and public entity must have a PAIA manual. Not having a PAIA manual could lead to fines or imprisonment.

PAIA Manual Drafting and Implementation

Assistance with PAIA investigations

Assistance with PAIA Requests

Public Body Reporting

Optional Private Body Reporting

What is the CPA?

The Consumer Protection Act aims to promote a fair, accessible and sustainable marketplace for consumer products and services. The CPA applies to agreements concluded between suppliers and consumers and has a far-reaching application.

In addition to regulating the marketing of goods and services to consumers, the CPA proposes to regulate relationships, transactions, advertisements, and agreements.

CPA Awareness Training

Risk Assessments and Gap Analysis

Reviewing and Drafting of Consumer Policies and Processes

On-going facilitation and advice with consumer complaints

Pre-Investigation and Investigation Assistance

While the CPA provides rights to consumers, it also provides remedies when these rights have been violated. The CPA therefore provides for quick and effective resolutions for complaints. Non-compliance with the CPA could lead to severe consequences for non-compliance, such as fines and/or imprisonment. The CPA provides for imprisonment of 12 months for certain contraventions of the Consumer Protection Act and up to 10 years imprisonment for disclosure of private information. The CPA further provides for administrative fines of up to R1 million.

A solution delivered by people, supported with software!

The PSIber People Management system assists your dedicated LabourNet team to manage your information compliance service offering in one place.

Taking the Stress out of information compliance

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