What our system has to offer:

Standard application defaults to calculate PAYE, UIF, SDL, COIDA

Alignment to industrial councils relating to calculations

Standard reporting aligned to Industrial councils

Simplified payroll processing

Batch processes

Loans and Savings

Standard provisions e.g leave and bonus

Interfacing to third parties e.g. time and attendance and banking institutions

Segregation of duties

Workflows and automation (payment requests and travel claims)


Harness your human resource data to drive smarter

With PSIber’s business intelligence reports, you can easily visualise key human resource data which provides you with access to working well and where there is room for improvement. Our highly configurable Human Resource software reporting provides you with access to real-time business intelligence.


Developed by leading payroll experts and developers, cloud-based PSIber Payroll delivers a truly unique payroll system that can be used by clients in any industry and of any size.

The system automates complicated payroll calculations and processing through its sophisticated yet user-friendly functionality – and is easily accessible from your phone, computer or tablet (Google Play and IOS).

Reporting is comprehensive and flexible, while processing of all statutory requirements is both simple and accurate.

The PSIber Employee Relations Module

Assists users and consultants to manage appeals and discipline in the workplace as guided by the client’s disciplinary code. It allows for setting up this code, recording incidents against an employee, tracking discipline, and issuing warnings and dismissal notices. The dashboards and reports highlight misconduct trends and enable proactive implementation of best practice to reduce and policies to curb such occurrences.

HR Management

Goodbye admin overload. Hello, effortless HR.

Our human resources information system(HRIS) consolidates your HR records online and automatically syncs your employment data across multiple key systems – including payroll, benefits and time off. The results is a dramatic reduction in administrative busy work and employees who feel more empowered.


Performance management

Performance management for the modern workforce

Easy for administrators, managers and employees. Flexible, user-friendly, fully integrated Performance Management from PSIber helps you align your workforce around common goals to achieve shared success.


One technology for your people management, easily accessible from your phone, computer or tablet

Taking the Stress out of your Payroll

Contact us to find out how we can tailor a solution that forms the best extension of your human resources department that suits your needs and pocket!