The in’s and out’s of a SHE Committee

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What is a SHE Committee?

The intention of the legislator is to have a balance between the number of representatives and any other persons acting on the committee. The employer must consult with the committee to initiate, develop, promote, maintain and review measures to ensure the health and safety of his employees at work.

When do we need to establish a SHE Committee meeting?

An employer shall in respect of each workplace where two or more health and safety representative have been designated, establish one or more health and safety committees.

Section 19 (2) Members of the SHE committee meeting:

Note: All Health & Safety Committee members must be appointed in writing for prescribed periods as may be determined by him while the health and safety representatives shall be members of the committee for the period of their designation in terms of section 17 (1).

Health & Safety Committees’ Functions:

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