Clothing Manufacturing Industry: Extension to non-parties of the Main Collective Agreement

Extension to non-parties of the Main Collective Agreement

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The Minister of Employment and Labour has in terms of section 32(6)(a)(i) of the Labour Relations Act declared that the Main Collective Agreement concluded in the National Bargaining Council for the Clothing Manufacturing Industry be extended to non-parties.  

The collective agreement is further extended to apply until the period ending on 31 August 2028. This means that the conditions specified therein shall be binding on the parties who concluded the collective agreement and on other employers and employees in that industry. 

The minimum wages which an employer shall pay to employees is one of the provisions covered in the Main Collective Agreement. The onus is on the employer to ensure that they are not in contravention of the National Minimum Wage. Where any of the Council’s prescribed wage rates in the National Main Collective Agreement are less than the National Minimum Wage, it must be adjusted upwards to at least the National Minimum Wage.   

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