Are you familiar with the basics of a B-BBEE Verification?

Are you familiar with the basics of a B-BBEE Verification?

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Irrespective of your selected B-BBEE Verification Agency, the duration of your company’s B-BBEE Verification should not take more than 3 months, from the commencement date to obtaining your final B-BBEE Certificate.

Adding to the above, upon payment of your Verification Agency’s first invoice, your company is entitled to receive an “In process letter” which is valid for 3 months from the date of issue.

Upon finalisation of your B-BBEE Verification, you will receive a B-BBEE Verification Certificate which needs to reflect the SANAS logo and a detailed scorecard or report. This detailed scorecard or report needs to correspond to the B-BBEE Certificate in terms of the total points per element as well as the verified percentage of Black and/or Black Women Ownership.

If you are not using a B-BBEE Consultant, it is your responsibility to double-check your B-BBEE Certificate and detailed scorecard or report.

It is important to note that, following IRBA’s withdrawal from B-BBEE Verification in 2016, all B-BBEE Verification Agencies need to be SANAS Accredited. Proof of your selected B-BBEE Verification Agency’s SANAS accreditation can easily be confirmed as the SANAS Logo will not just be reflected on your newly issued B-BBEE Certificate.

Still, it will also include your selected B-BBEE Verification Agency’s unique SANAS Registration or Membership numbers.

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