B-BBEE and the 2019 Amendments

From June 2019, a multitude of articles have been posted online followed by updates on various social media platforms informing all companies operating in South Africa to take note of […]

Beginners guide to B-BBEE

Whilst most business owners are scared off by BEE terminology, B-BBEE is rather a simple government policy, which is mostly referred to as Black Economic Empowerment. What is B-BBEE? It […]

Integration of OHS into your Disciplinary Code

The integration and alignment of the different functional departments within companies is an integral part towards creating exceptional high performing companies. It is often that departments within companies perceive that […]

Closing the gap between Skills Development & B-BBEE

Today it is common knowledge that the 2013 General Amended Codes (effective from 01 May 2015), brought about significant changes in how companies, irrespective of their size, industry and/or ownership, […]