Summary: Directive 11 August 2020

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Extension of COVID-19 benefits for employees until the 15th of Aug.



  • Remuneration- same definition as in the BCEA

  • Vulnerable Employee refers to an employee:

  1. With known or disclosed health issues or comorbidities or any other condition that may place the employee at the higher risk of complications or death than other employees if infected with COVID-19; or

  2. Above the age of 60 years who is at a higher risk of complications or death if infected

Application of the directive


The TERS benefit has been extended to the 15th of August 2020



  • Employees whose employers are:

  1. Not yet permitted to commence operations (either partially or in full) in terms of the Regulations

  2. Unable to implement special measures in respect of vulnerable employees, or to make alternative arrangements for them to work from home; and

  3. Unable to make use of the employees’ services (either fully or partially) because of the operational requirements of the company, in particular the need to limit the number of employees at the workplace by way of rostering, staggering of working hours, short time and the introduction of shift systems.

Calculation of benefit

  • Clauses 3.5, 3.6 and 5.3 in the previous Directive are replaced as follows:

  1. Subject to clause 3.6 and 5.3, a qualifying employee will receive a benefit calculated using 13 (1) of the UI Act

  2. Clause 3.6- if the benefit calculated in clause 3.5 together with any remuneration earned fall below R3500, the benefit earned will be increased to ensure the employee earns R 3500.

  3. Clause 5.3- An employee will only receive COVID-19 TERS benefits in terms of the Directive if the total of the benefit together with any remuneration paid by the employer for work performed by the employee in any period is not more than the remuneration that the employee would ordinarily have received for working during that period.

  • Employers/Employees need to claim for the entire 6-week period (not July and August separately)

Download the full directive here.

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