June 2020 TERS application requirements

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COVID-19 TERS Applications for June 2020 have now been opened according to the Department of Employment and Labour.


There have however been certain amendments in respect of Employer’s requirements for Login and thus processing of payments.


Employers are now required to enter either their enterprise number (CK/CIPC) in the TERS online portal for payments to be processed.


Should an employer not have an enterprise number, they will then be required to enter the ID number of the bank account holder.


Employers are therefore required to log on to the system as soon as possible and capture their enterprise number or ID number under the Employer tab and then to click the Enter/Proceed button.


Further login rules require that:

  1. Only one user is allowed to access the system per username,

  2. If you typed an incorrect password or username, then you have 2 mins to login with correct username and password. If you failed, the account is locked for 60 mins and you will see the error- USER ALREADY LOGGED IN

  3. One must always sign out to destroy your browsing session.

  4. If you are getting USER ALREADY LOGGED IN error and you are the only person trying to log in, then wait for 60 mins to automatically clear the session. You will be allowed to login after 60 mins.

  5. If you cannot access the account for over 60 mins then you will need to contact a UIF call centre for assistance.

The new requirements are listed at https://uifecc.labour.gov.za/covid19/covid19?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIg-u_5u3M6gIV2-vtCh2T7wcvEAAYASAAEgLXt_D_BwE


Contact Your LabourNet Consultant should you have further questions regarding new login requirements.

For more information on the above topic, please contact the LabourNet Helpdesk at


0861 LABNET (0861 522638).


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