Compliance with POPIA Direct Marketing Provisions

Compliance with POPIA Direct Marketing Provisions | Latest News

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The Information Regulator (IR) is set to act against entities that have violated direct marketing provisions, signalling a critical moment for all businesses operating in South Africa. With the imminent enforcement of the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA), it is imperative that your organisation ensures compliance to avoid penalties and reputational damage.

The IR, responsible for enforcing POPIA, will issue its first enforcement notice this week to a South African entity found to be in violation of direct marketing regulations. This notice is part of a larger effort by the IR, planning to issue 14 enforcement notices to both public and private bodies.

Direct marketing violations include sending marketing information without consent or contacting individuals who have requested removal from databases. Non-compliance can lead to fines and enforcement measures, as stipulated by POPIA.

South Africa has been identified as a global hotspot for spam calls, emphasizing the need for stringent compliance with direct marketing regulations. Despite this, marketing calls, emails, and SMS messages are permissible under certain conditions, highlighting the importance of understanding and adhering to POPIA guidelines.

To ensure compliance and avoid penalties, we recommend getting in touch with our expert team who is dedicated to assisting you in aligning your marketing practices with legal requirements, safeguarding your organisation’s reputation and financial well-being.


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