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The Minister of Employment and Labour has, in terms of section 32(2) of the Labour Relations Act No. 66 of 1995, declared that the Main Collective Agreement which was concluded in the Bargaining Council for the Fishing Industry as set out in the Schedule to this Notice be extended to non-parties.

The Main Collective Agreement applies to all employers and/or employees within the Republic of South Africa, who are members of any of the parties in the Agreement and who are employed in the Hake Deep-sea Bottom Trawl Sector and the Hake Inshore Bottom Trawl Sector.

This means that the conditions specified therein shall be binding on the parties who concluded the administrative collective agreement and on other employers and employees in that industry.

Medical aid is one of the provisions covered in the Main Collective Agreement for the Fishing Industry. Each employee employed with the employer for more that twelve (12) months continuously shall have the right to be enrolled with the Fishermen’s Medical Aid Fund on the primary option, whereby the employee and the employer shall equally pay the contributions towards such benefit.

Each employee shall have the right to nominate beneficiaries for his benefit in terms of the above at his own cost unless an agreement is reached with the employer regarding the sharing of this additional cost.

The collective agreement comes into effect from 30 October 2023 and for the period ending 30 September 2024.

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