UPDATED: Permits for essential services during lockdown

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The nation-wide lockdown will be enacted in terms of the Disaster Management Act and will entail the following:


From midnight on Thursday 26 March until midnight on Thursday 16 April, all South Africans will have to stay at home.


All businesses and other entities shall cease operations during the lockdown, except for any business or entity involved in the manufacturing, supply, or provision of an essential good or service.


Download the list of essential services here.


*NEW* Jobs added to Essential Services:

  • The banking environment (operations of mutual banks, cooperative banks, co-operative financial institutions and the Postbank);

  • The payments environment;

  • The financial markets (including market infrastructures licensed under the Financial Markets Act;

  • The insurance environment;

  • The savings and investment environment;

  • Pension fund administration;

  • Outsourced administration;

  • Medical schemes administration.

Please note that Debt collection services are not allowed to operate!


 The above-mentioned activities are required to continue operation in order to provide critical products and services to the country in this time of crisis.

Businesses can register as an essential service here:




(Please take note that due to a high volume of traffic the servers are under a lot of pressure)


Retail stores selling essential goods are prohibited from selling any other goods.

 Any place not involved in the provision of an essential good or service must remain closed to all persons for the duration of the lockdown.

Download full list of places and premises that will be closed here.

Businesses operating during the lockdown period do not need to apply the 100 limit rule but are required to implement the required social distancing practices and Occupational Health and Safety rules to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Employers of such employees are to provide them with a letter of confirmation that should be in the following format:

  • Download the template here.;

  • Copy and paste the template onto an official company letterhead;

  • Complete all company information and issuer information;

  • Prepare an individual letter for each employee who will be working – include their details and attach a copy of their Identity document;

  • The form must be signed by the head of the institution;

  • Provide a company stamp;


Please note that the person to whom the permit is issued must at all times keep a form of identification to be presented together with this permit. If no identification is presented the person to whom the permit is issued will have to return to his or her place of residence during the lockdown.


Where a person rendering essential services is unable to travel to and from his or her place of employment, the employer must make the necessary transport arrangements: Provided that no more than 50% of the licensed capacity of the vehicle or vessel is exceeded and all directions in respect of hygienic conditions and the limitation of exposure to persons with COVID-19, are adhered to.


Download the full lockdown regulations here.

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. We may be in lockdown but we have not shutdown.

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