Lockdown Level 4 Movement and Permit

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All movement has been restricted to the new curfew time of 21H00 until 04H00, where it is expected that all citizens should be at their place of residence.

The only exceptions for the above are for people that have been:

  • granted permission through directions by the relevant Cabinet member or a permit, which corresponds with Form 7 of Annexure A, to perform a service other than a service related to an activity listed under Table 1; or

  • is attending to a security or medical emergency; or

  • arrives on a flight or is travelling to or from an airport which necessitates travelling during restricted hours of movement: Provided that the person travelling is in possession of a valid boarding pass as proof of flight or a copy of the airline ticket.

The closing time of places permitted to remain open is 20H00.

Leisure travel in and out of Gauteng province is prohibited, except in the case of businesses, emergencies, attending a funeral, moving residences or one of the other permitted reasons.

All schools and higher education institutions will be closed for contact classes from 30 June 2020, however early childhood development centres may remain open.

The following places must close to the public:

  • Gyms and fitness centres

  • Casinos

  • Taverns, shebeens, and bars

  • Restaurants – except for off-site consumption

  • Theatres and cinemas

  • Museums

  • Conference facilities

  • Older persons residential facilities.

Persons rendering security or maintenance at these facilities may continue to do so.

The Sale and transportation of Alcohol to the public is banned.

Most businesses may operate as usual. If employees can work from home, they must work from home.

The following businesses may not operate:

  • Night clubs and international sports events involving high-risk Covid-19 countries are not allowed.

  • Cinemas, theatres, casinos, museums, archives, galleries, gyms, conferences, auctions, flea markets, fêtes and bazaars, taverns and shebeens, restaurants, conferencing, exhibitions, and entertainment facilities.

Table 1: Adjusted alert level 4.

All persons who are able to work from home must do so. However, persons will be permitted to perform any type of work outside the home and to travel to and from work and for work purposes under Alert Level 4, subject to-

  • strict compliance to health protocols and social distancing measures.

  • the return to work being phased-in in order to put in place measures to make the workplace COVID-19 ready.

  • the return to work being done in a manner that avoids and reduces risks of infection; and

  • the work not being listed under the specific exclusions in this Table.


  • Night vigils.

  • After-funeral gatherings including “after-tears” gatherings.

  • All social gatherings.

  • Political events and traditional community meetings (izimbizo).

  • Night clubs.

  • The land borders remain closed, excluding the land borders contemplated in regulation 26(1).

  • Initiation practices.

  • Post-initiation practices (imigidi).

  • Passenger ships for international leisure purposes, excluding small crafts, in line with health and border law enforcement.

  • Attendance of any sporting event by spectators.

  • Exclusions relating to public transport services as set out in the directions issued by the Cabinet member responsible for transport.

  • Exclusions relating to education services as set out in the directions issued by the Cabinet members responsible for education.

Any person who fails to abide by the curfew referred to above commits an offence and is, on conviction, liable to a fine or a period of imprisonment not exceeding six months, or to both such fine and imprisonment.

Government Gazette, 27 June 2021. Download the Gazette here.

Permit to travel to perform a service. Download permit here.

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