2023/2024 PAIA Annual Reports Submission

2023/2024 Paia Annual Reports Submission

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LabourNet is committed to supporting all our clients with the submission of the 2023/2024 financial year annual reports in accordance with the Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA). We understand the critical nature of these submissions, which help fulfill obligations under Section 32 and Section 83(4) of the PAIA 2 of 2000.

A PAIA request involves a formal application for records or information that is not publicly accessible, held by both public and private bodies. All organizations, regardless of whether a request has been received, are required to submit an annual report. This includes a “0 request” report if no requests have been received.

We urge all clients to ensure their Information Officer’s details are accurate and up to date. Proper registration and certification of Information Officers are crucial for compliance. If your Information Officer certification needs updating, please reach out to us for immediate support.

For clients subscribed to our Information Compliance services (POPI, PAIA, and CPA), LabourNet will assist with PAIA submissions as part of your existing retainer. Clients who are not part of our Information Compliance services can still receive expert support from LabourNet on an ad hoc fee basis.

If you do not have a dedicated consultant, please contact us via email at popi@labournet.com for assistance. Instructions for the necessary information and how to submit it will be provided shortly. Please ensure that only information pertaining to requests within the financial year is included, and financial statements are not required.

We at LabourNet remain dedicated to ensuring all our clients meet their PAIA obligations smoothly and effectively.

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