B-BBEE Skills Did You Know EAP Targets Are Based On Location

Skills Development Points

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As mentioned in the general amended codes of 2013, amended code series 300, a company’s compliance targets for skills development expenditure on all learning programs for black people, skills development expenditure on bursaries for black people, and number of black people participating in learnerships, apprenticeships and internships as a percentage of total employees are all based on the overall demographic representation of black people based on the employment equity regulations and STATS SA’s economically active population.

“In determining a measured entity’s score, the targets should be further broken down into specific criteria according to the different race sub-groups within the definition of black in accordance with

the Regulations of Employment Equity Act and Commission of Employment Equity Report requirements on equitable representation and weighted accordingly.”

Failure to acknowledge the EAP targets can leave your company over spending or even worst case under spending on a specific race group which can negatively impact you overall points on each sub-element of your skill development scorecard.


LabourNet supports skills development for business growth in South Africa, and will partner with your company to ensure you meet your EAP target, no matter where you are located.


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