Let us do Employment Equity –You focus on your Business!

LabourNet pro-actively instils best practices and procedures in implementing Employment Equity within your business, we navigate the intricacies of legislation so you can be rest assured you are risk free form the large penalties and fines imposed from the Department of Education and Labour. 

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Affordable Employment Equity compliance -
saving you time and money

The Importance of Employment Equity Compliance

Our innovative, professional and client-centric approach provides you with affordable and effective assistance through a solution, provided by your very own dedicated expert consultant. Flexible enough to provide a tailored solution to your unique and specific business requirements.

Your Strategic Employment Equity Partner

We understand employee legislation can be complicated and cumbersome to manage in-house. Our service offering makes understanding, solving and implementing full compliance within all sections of the Employment Equity Act by taking care of:

We partner with our clients to design and deliver equity solutions that meet their specific compliance obligations while implementing equity best practice.

Legal Appointments
Committee Election & Training
Plan Development

No upfront costs or joining fees - the best investment to your business!

LabourNet’s solution has been packaged to cater to on-site and online engagements
making it always available and completely tailored to your business at an affordable monthly retainer.

The trusted market leaders to

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Providing pro-active, innovative and client-centric compliance services delivered by passionate and professional individuals!

Our extensive national footprint means that we can provide face-to-face service anywhere in South Africa. We are a national organisation, providing focused and intimate partnerships with our clients and their communities throughout.

A solution delivered by people, supported with software!

Our hybrid approach combines software and human resource consulting to deliver simplified compliance, effectively. Our cloud-based Human Capital Management software allows us to consult and provide you with a central location to view and handle all your Human Resource matters in an easily accessible technology.

 The PSIber People Management assists users and your dedicated consultant to manage our comprehensive service offering in one place, allowing for real-time business intelligence reports.

Harness your human resource data to drive smarter decision-making.

With PSIber’s business intelligence reports, you can easily visualise key human resource data to gain valuable insights into which processes are working well and where there is room for improvement. Our highly configurable Human Resource software reporting provides you with access to real-time business intelligence.

What psiber has to offer:

Capture goals and targets

Report on progress

Automated reporting against goals and targets set EEA2 and EEA4

S19 Workforce profile


Setup organizational structure aligned to occupational levels

A solution delivered by people, supported with software!

With the PSIber People Management system your dedicated LabourNet team can easily visualise key human resource data to gain valuable insights into which processes are working well and where there is room for improvement through business intelligence report.

Take the Employment Equity stress
out of your business now!

Contact us to find out how we can tailor a solution that forms the best extension of your Human Resources function that suits your needs and pocket!