Focus on your business, we will focus on your B-BBEE!

B-BBEE solutions refer to strategies and measures designed to address the requirements and objectives of Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) in South Africa. B-BBEE is a socio-economic policy framework implemented to redress past imbalances and promote economic transformation by empowering historically disadvantaged individuals, particularly black South Africans.

Typically, B-BBEE consulting services in South Africa involve a range of initiatives and interventions to increase black participation and ownership in various sectors of the economy. These solutions are designed to promote equitable access to economic opportunities, skills development, employment equity, preferential procurement, and the transfer of assets and knowledge.

LabourNet proactively instils best practices and procedures through our B-BBEE consulting services in South Africa, supporting your business growth through a B-BBEE level that allows you to do business in all industries within required legislative frameworks.

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Your Strategic B-BBEE Partner

We understand employment legislation can be complicated and cumbersome to manage in-house. Our B-BBEE consulting services make understanding, solving, and implementing required actions seamless by taking care of the following:

Staff Training

Stakeholder workshops

Preliminary audit on client data

Information Gathering

Strategy & Solution Development

Strategy Implementation

Compliance Reports

Legislatively Compliant Document Drafting

Preliminary Pre-Verification Audit Report

File Preparation & Collation

Verification Assistance

Simplify your B-BBEE

A Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment rating supports you in:

What our system has to offer:

Real-time view of your workforce profile with financial information as a key data source

Alignment to payroll

Uploading and storing sensitive data.

Accessibility of the whole business to important policies and procedures

Access to employee remuneration history

A solution delivered by people, supported with software!

The PSIber People Management system assists your dedicated LabourNet team to manage your B-BBEE service offering in one place.


Contact us to find out how we can tailor B-BBEE consulting services in South Africa that best supports your human resources department.