Getting your Workplace ready:

COVID-19 Business Toolkit

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Are you a Business Owner? Operations Manager? HR Manager?

Is your business COVID-19 Ready?

The world of work has changed drastically and due to COVID-19, businesses cannot simply return to work as usual. Government has put in strict measures for business owners to ensure they are prepared and can provide a safe working environment for their employees.

Ensure your business is ready to operate by purchasing our comprehensive workplace ready: COVID-19 business toolkit

Why would I need it?

COVID-19 & UIF benefits


Ensure your business is COVID-19 Compliant! The Department of Labour is implementing COVID-19 Audits to ensure all businesses comply.

Implications on the BCEA leave

Educate & Inform

Ensure your staff are properly educated around COVID-19 and the dangers, self-care methods, policies and procedures

Essential service permits

Minimise Risk

Ensure minimal risk of the COVID-19 virus within your business and the effect thereof on your employees.

Policies & Procedures

Ensure your business has the correct policies and procedures in place in order to deal with the COVID-19 virus.

What is included?

1. Policy
The policy guides the employees in terms of what can and can’t be done in relation to COVID 19 in the workplace

2. Safe Operating Procedure “SOP”
The SOP provides details on the measures which the company will implement to mitigate the risk of COVID 19 in the workplace

3. Self Audit Checklist
The self audit checklist allows an organisation to conduct an audit and identify gaps with regards to the workplace being ready for reopening post the lockdown period

4. Risk Assessment
The risk assessments identifies the potential hazards risks related to COVID-19 and through the implementation of various control measures, aims to protect employees, work associates and customers. It must be noted that this is a generic risk assessment and depending on the nature of the operations, there may be a requirement to conduct a more detailed site specific risk assessment

5. Visitor Information Form
The visitor information form, is a template that organisations can use at each of their sites, for all visitors contractors to complete on arrival or prior to entering the premises

6. Induction Awareness Training Course slides
The training material allows organisations to provide a general induction training course to all employees, which covers to key aspects of COVID-19. This will address the employers duty to inform employees on the hazards and risks associated with COVID-19

7. Procedure for Medical Screening
Procedure to deal with employees arriving at work and who develop symptoms during and after work

8. Process to deal with suspected or confirmed cases in the workplace

9. Posters
Included is a set of poster templates, which can be printed and displayed in key areas in the workplace

10. COIDA Reporting Procedure
The procedure guides the organisation through the steps to capture and report an incident where an employee becomes infected with COVID-19 in the workplace

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What our have to say

Just a thank you to the entire OHS team who worked on the Workplace Ready Covid 19 package got mine yesterday afternoon and its absolutley fantastic and makes life so much easier


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