Why should Employers invest in training their staff?

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Many employers ask themselves. Is training a benefit or just a burden? Employers, as of recent are very reluctant to train their employees. Due the current economic constraints, employers find their training budgets disappearing or some may not even have budgets at all. Contrary to what most employers think, despite the initial monetary costs, staff training pays back the employers investment.

Employers keeping asking themselves the question. Why should I invest in training my staff? Well here are some good reasons why:

  • Having the Edge over your competition:

The competition for talent is growing. Employers are now headhunting within the market to ensure that they are the employers of choice. Employers offering learnerships, apprenticeships and internships as part of the package. This is an excellent way to attract candidates to your organization rather than to your competitors.

  • Employees Loyalty

When an organization invests in staff training their staff members feel valued and appreciated. Employees in turn are more loyal and the more loyal your employees are, the more likely they are to both stay and also to invest in the organization. They become motivated and require less supervision.

  • Decreased Turnover

Training is should also be used as a retention tool in an organization. Aside from the direct financial losses, a high turnover rate also affects the company’s market position, profitability and making the organization the employer of choice. Staff are more likely to stay if employers offer ways for them to learn and grow within the entity. By training employees and investing in their career development, you can make them feel valued by your organization. This will lead to longer employee tenures and less turnover.

  • Training is essential for succession planning.

It’s very important to share knowledge among staff. This will ensure that skills are not lost within an organization and will also ensure that employees are multi-faceted and are continuously developing their skills.

  • Flexibility

Training and development programs can make a company more flexible in the market. When your employees are well trained, they are better able to respond to changes in the market, which ensures company success in the long term.

Finally, it is important to say that while an employee is trained it will also surely bring you a great return on investment. To drive company success and conquer new markets, make sure your employees receive not only training, but also plenty of appreciation. This is the ultimate investment.

A wise man once said that the only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training them and having them stay.

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