What COVID has taught us from a Labour perspective

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The Covid-19 Pandemic has forever changed the world as we know it, not only from a social and economic viewpoint but profoundly within the Labour perspective. The pandemic has reminded us of the weakness in some of our most basic systems and it forced us to rapidly transform the workplace. With an unexpected turn of events, people have realized that many things that were considered obligatory previously, could be done without rather conveniently.


One of the biggest changes had to be the shift in workspaces as working from home had become the new normal. In the past, it was an unrealistic way of rendering services and even though it posed some challenges in the beginning, there has been a successful and smooth transition to the new trend. Not only has it been a lifesaver, but it has shown to be just as efficient, if not more so. The world of virtual work has made a tremendous improvement in time management, which is not only beneficial to companies, but employees are also enjoying a more balanced personal and work life.


For those companies that require their workforce to remain operational from its premises due to the nature of the business, vast health and safety risk assessments and social distancing conditions were required to be implemented as employers have a responsibility to ensure safe working environments for their employees. This has placed a great burden on employers during the Covid-19 Pandemic. It is noticeable how employers have had to adapt and redefine their operations and workplaces to accommodate adequate distancing between employees and ensure regular monitoring of hygiene surrounding these spaces. The Human Capital management of employees has also proven to be a challenge as the requirement to ensure a safe working environment as well as to comply with the requirements of Labour law while not infringing on any basic rights of employees had to be carefully balanced. One of the biggest challenges was ensuring sound employee relations and reaching out to available resources to assist both the employer and employee during this difficult time.


The pandemic has created several changes around the world especially in the way we work. As employers and employees adjust to new ways of doing work, companies should remain flexible and adapt the workplace to accommodate the “new normal.” Covid-19 should be a promoter to reinvent the future of work and create opportunities to look at things differently. The tragedy that Covid-19 has brought is undeniable, but we cannot ignore the positive change it has brought into our lives in its wake.

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