Grow your business by growing your people!

LabourNet Training supports business growth by developing a skilled and competent workforce which enhances your organisation’s performance withing the required legislative frameworks. We develop your workforce with one goal in mind – Growing your business by growing your people.

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Unleash optimal workforce performance

We partner with our clients to identify and manage delivering employee training solutions to meet skills development legislation requirements while assisting with broader employee learning and development needs. All our online training courses are free to all LabourNet clients subject to the related service you have with us!

Our innovative yet professional and client-centric approach provides you with affordable yet effective assistance through a solution, provided by your very own dedicated expert consultant, Flexible enough to provide a tailored solution to your unique and specific business requirements.

A Solution delivered by people, supported with software

Our hybrid approach combines software and human resource consulting to deliver simplified compliance, effectively. 

 The PSIber People Management assists users and your dedicated consultant to manage our comprehensive service offering in one place, allowing for real-time business intelligence reports.

What our system has to offer:

Setup Org structure aligned to OFO, SETA and occupational levels/requirements

Alignment with SDL calculations on payroll

Recording of training completed and the cost thereof

WSP and employee training plans

Online learning platform integration

Reporting on training completed and cost

ATR template with relevant information to assist with submissions

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Providing pro-active, innovative and client-centric compliance solutions delivered by passionate and professional individuals!

Our extensive national footprint means that we can provide face-to-face service anywhere in South Africa. We are a national organisation, providing focused and intimate partnerships with our clients.


All LabourNet clients have access to the LabourNet Learner Management System(LMS) and unlimited seats to public training courses available to all their employees as a complement to your internal staff training. Included in this system:

A solution delivered by people, supported with software!

The PSIber People Management system assists your dedicated LabourNet team to manage your information compliance service offering in one place.

Take the people stress out of your business now!

Contact us to find out how we can tailor a solution that forms the best extension of your human resources department that suits your needs and pocket!