Wage increase for Contract Cleaners

The sectoral determination for Contract Cleaners wage increase will become effective in January 2019. This sector did not have an increase in December 2018, the increase will be effective from […]

Domestic Workers New Minimum Wage

On 3 December 2018 the following wage increase was granted for Domestic Workers with immediate effect. Domestic workers who work 27 ordinary hours a week or more: It is important […]

National Minimum Wage Bill Exemption Application

Employers who wish to apply for exemption for financial reasons must lodge their application on the National Minimum Wage Exemption System in the prescribed form, as soon as the system […]

National Minimum Wage Bill

On 23 November 2018 President Cyril Ramaphosa signed the National Minimum Wage Bill. The bill will be in effect from the 1st of January 2019, stating that all employees must […]