A Shop Steward’s Guide to Workplace Representation

Cost: R2 400.00 excl. Vat

Duration: 2 Days

*Cost based on Blended Learning Facilitation, traditional classroom interventions can be facilitated, upon request, at an additional cost

Who should attend?

This course is intended for line managers and human resource practitioners who may be called upon chair disciplinary hearings. Second level managers such as a heads of department, section heads or divisional heads, and may have more than one team reporting to them.

Course Overview

The objective of this workshop is to assist Shop Stewards and Management in developing an improved understanding of trade unions, the representative’s roles and responsibilities in the workplace and their purpose in respect of South African Labour Laws. Delegates will gain an enhanced understanding of how employers, employees and the trade unions work together and how legislation governs each party.

This course will enable Learners to:

  • Identify the different approaches to legislation
  • Explain the purpose of trade unions and what they are responsible for
  • List the roles and responsibilities of union representatives
  • Explain the need for legislation in terms of the dismissal of employees
  • Explain how to deal with the various forms of protest action
  • Explain what the importance is of evidence in the disciplinary hearing

Learning assumed to be in place

  • • Communicate effectively - at least NQF level 2

SETA Assessment of Competency (Optional)

No Assessments available for this course.


1. Introduction to Labour Relationship
  • Parties to the Labour Relationship
  • Approaches to the Labour Relationship
  • Power Realities of the Labour Relationship
  • Basic Conditions of Employment Act, 75 of 1997
  • The Employment Equity Act, 55 of 1998
2. Trade Unions
  • Traditional Role and Functions of Unions
  • The Changing Role of Unions
3. Roles and Responsibilities of Shop Stewards/Worker Representatives
  • The Role of a Shop Steward/Worker Representative
  • Qualities of a Good Shop Steward
  • Duties of a Shop Steward
  • Shop Steward Rights
4. Individual Labour Law
  • The Right not to be Unfairly Dismissed
  • Definition of an Employee
  • The Meaning of Dismissal
  • The Fairness of the Dismissal
  • Burden of Proof
  • Code of Good Practice: Dismissal
  • Disputes about Unfair Dismissal
  • Remedies for Unfair Dismissal
  • Unfair Labour Practices
5. Collective Labour Law
  • Introduction
  • Freedom of Association
  • Organisation Rights
  • Collective Agreements
  • The Right to Strike/ Recourse to a Lock-Out
  • Bargaining Councils
  • Statutory Councils
  • Workplace Forums
6. Representation at Disciplinary Hearings and Cross-Examination
  • Rules of Evidence
  • Admissible vs. Inadmissible Evidence
  • Examples of Inadmissible Evidence
  • How to Lead a Witness
  • How to Cross-Examine a Witness
  • Evidence
  • Closing Argument