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What is the POPI act?

All businesses large or small need to comply with the POPI act by the 1st of July 2021 and is enforced by fines and even criminal offences for the company’s head and directors up to imprisonment.

POPI deals with the processing of personal information, account numbers, children’s information with the finance and marketing departments being affected the most. The act enforces how you collect the information, what you do with the information, how it is stored securely and ultimately when and how it is destroyed after use.

What could happen if you are non-compliant?

  • Fines up to R10 million
  • criminal offences for the company’s head and directors up to imprisonment.

What does our solution cover?

POPI and PAIA implementation and compliance

Our comprehensive service offering will ensure we implement all the relevant policies and procedures to ensure you are POPI and PAIA compliant!

Our solution includes:

  • Introduction to POPI compliance
  • POPI risk assessment
  • POPI compliance project plan
  • 40+ Policies and procedures
  • Contract addendums
  • POPI and Privacy Policy development
  • PAIA Manual Development
  • Legal Appointments
  • Appointment & Submission of Information officer/deputy information officer & PAIA Manual to the SAHRC
  • Free staff training via the LabourNet Learner management system
  • Quarterly compliance assessments
  • Ongoing implementation, guidance, and advice
  • Ongoing Free access to the POPI training on the LabourNet Learner Management System for all new employees
  • Yearly review of implementations and new risk identification

How will our solution be delivered?

Live interactive electronic meetings


Pre recorded video guidelines and training

Development and links to required templates and documentation

Essential service permits

On-site attendance will be available as a last resort

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