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Our Technology is a platform upon which we implement and support cost effective HUMAN CAPITAL MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS, Joined with LabourNets Highly skilled consultants to ensure your business adheres to the highest levels of efficiency and is always aligned with BEST PRACTICE.

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Our Online Solutions Include


The PSIber Human Capital Management Platform offers our users a FLEXIBLE and COMPREHENSIVE solution for the day to day administration of people in the workplace. 

PSIber’s platform is CLOUD based ensuring that you have access to all your data, anywhere with internet connection, 24/7. 

The PSIber Modules

  • Human Capital Management
  • Payroll Module
  • Tax Module
  • ESS/MSS Module
  • Verification Module
  • Travel Claims Module
  • PSIberB-EE Toolkit

A sophisticated HR management tool that helps companies manage their organisation’s Organograms, Job Descriptions, Training Management, Performance Management and many other core functions in the Human Capital lifecycle.

The HCM tools incorporate powerful recording and reporting facilities that assist businesses with managing employees from recruitment to retirement.

A full payroll administration, management and reporting facility that meets all legislative and compliance requirements in the SADC countries such as South Africa, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Namibia

A handy tax structuring tool which has all the relevant and up to date tax rules built in to help employees structure their packages more efficiently, and help your business employ with the budget.


A user-friendly online access facility/application (Google Play and IOS) that enables Employees and Managers to view and manage their own or their subordinates information, apply for leave, manage payment requests, fuel claims, travel log book, employee engagement and many other employee related functions.

PSIber has introduced a Verifications Module that allows online background checks to be completed in minutes, these verifications are done in the APPLICANT environment, ensuring that employees are vetted during the recruitment process, all of this happens within the platform itself instead of needing to capture additional information from 3rd party systems, boosting your recruitment security even further; some of the checks include:

  • Identity Verification
  • Credit Record Verification
  • Drivers License Verification
  • Qualification Verification
  • Criminal Record Verification

Improve claim Accuracy, Employee Engagement And Your Company's Gross Profit By Reducing The Amount Of Paperwork Required For Travel Claims And Payment Requests, While Setting Greater Accuracy And Simplifying Claim Management.

PSIberB-EE toolkit delivers a solution where data, information, scorecards and evidence flow seamlessly and consistently throughout their B-BBEE compliance journey.

Why use the People Management Platform?​


Statutory and legislative compliance Reports


Powerful and flexible Auditing and Security features

Mobile Technology

Employee Self Service promotes engagement through Mobile Technology.

Best Practice

It is designed using best practice and proven HR methodologies and Blueprints.


It is a web-based product, accessible from anywhere, at anytime, using any browser and through all devices 24/7.


The HR Platform is fully integrated with the PSIber Payroll thus only, requiring one point of entry for all employee data.


It allows for accurate statistics and reporting across groups, companies and payrolls.


It facilitates the streamlining of all HR administrative and management processes resulting in time, effort and cost savings.

PSIber API's

Allowing for seamless integration of your client’s employee data into their
business eco-system!

What is an API?

API’s allow you to essentially push data into PSIber and pull data from PSIber into any of your unique business software ecosystems. API’s allow for a 360-degree view of your data by giving you access to create, update and retrieve information from a web platform.

Why would our API benefit you?

Make the right decisions for your business with accurate and automated data consolidation!

Our APIs give you the ability to get access to your employee data (static, financial, and date-based), which you can use in your specific business context and your unique environment.

Get in touch with your LabourNet consultant
to see how API’s can be set-up in your business!

Mobile Apps

Download Workplace Apps that move with you

Employee Self Service App

PSIber’s Employee Self Service and Management Self Service have FULL mobile capabilities that allow you to manage your day to day HR solutions ON THE GO.

A Simple cost-effective solution to HR management.

Tax Calculator App

Due to the complexity of the South African TAX landscape, 
 the new PSIcalc application will show you how your tax is calculated and provide you with a comparison between the previous tax year (2018) and your current (2019) ensuring that you are able to budget alongside the government.

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