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LabourNet Transformation Solutions equip you to create a diverse, skilled and empowered workforce which will ensure organisational sustainability and lead to growth opportunities for the organisation.

LabourNet’s transformation services can be implemented as separate services or combined to form a full transformation solution that is customised to meet your organisation’s specific requirements.

Our complete Transformation retainer package offers complete integration and alignment of your B-BBEE, Skills Development and Employment Equity strategies and processes to your company’s objectives in order to maximise your B-BBEE levels.

Employment Equity

LabourNet assists your organisation to manage the entire Employment Equity process in order to assist you to comply with legislative requirements which include identifying and eliminating unfair discrimination, increasing workforce diversity and avoiding penalties.  This opens up new markets for your business and leads to innovation.

Our solutions include:

  • Appointing a senior manager for Employment Equity
  • Categorising employees into correct occupational levels
  • Structuring and training an Employment Equity committee and ensuring consultation with them during all phases
  • Conducting an analysis of workforce profile, policies and procedures to identify underrepresentation and barriers to achieving Employment Equity
  • Drafting an Employment Equity Plan to monitor progress quarterly
  • Reporting to the Department of Labour
  • Assisting your organisation with Department of Labour Audits

Skills Development

LabourNet structures and assists you to develop a skilled workforce that enhances your organisation’s performance and positively impacts on your bottom line profits.

Our solutions include:

  • Registering as your Skills Development Facilitator with your relevant SETA
  • Identifying skills shortages and training needs
  • Drafting Personal Development Plans
  • Drafting and submitting a Workplace Skills Plan and Annual Training Report to ensure eligibility for mandatory grants awarded by your SETA
  • Applying for discretionary grant funding
  • Structuring a skills development committee from within your organisation and training them on their roles and functions
  • Conducting quarterly meetings with your skills development committee to monitor progress
  • Manage training in line with your W.S.P


LabourNet B-BBEE services are designed to assist you to develop, implement and manage practical, sustainable B-BBEE strategies.

Our solutions include:

  • Baseline audit on dynamic software to identify your current level of compliance
  • Gap analysis to identify opportunities for improvement
  • Formulation of strategies to improve and maintain your B-BBEE level
  • On-going monitoring and support to ensure you always have your eye on the target

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