Training Management

"Develop your workforce"

As your Training Manager, LabourNet’s HR training and development programmes not only offer integrated solutions that encompasses all facets of people management but we are also able to position your training expenditure with individuals who implement best practice into your organisation and manage your training holistically, this not only streamlines your entire training development but benefits your ED and SED credit ratings.

Our progressive approach to learning enables companies to encourage and support an environment that fosters productivity and best practice procedures.

LabourNet develops your business managers and HR professionals by building the competencies they require to unleash your workforce’s optimal productivity. Our accredited programmes, facilitated by subject matter experts, use practical and interactive training methods to involve individuals in real life scenarios, ensuring the instant application of critical management skills.

Effective Delivery of Learning Solutions

Our accredited facilitators are practicing senior consultants or managers within our own LabourNet service divisions. They draw on a wealth of real-world experience, case studies and practical examples to bring learning material to life and increase the relevance to learners.

Our training and development prioritises interaction and group discussions. Case studies and customised role-plays ensure total involvement and participation by each learner, and make it possible for the facilitator to assess learner comprehension and potential performance in the required skill.

Flexible Solutions to Suit Your Needs

LabourNet offers flexible options for the delivery of programmes depending on the organisational requirements, amount of delegates and specific budgetary considerations.

Monthly Public Courses

Regular monthly public courses are held in each region in South Africa where delegates from different companies can interact and develop best practices

Optional In-House Workshops

Clients with more than 5 delegates may opt to receive customised in-house programmes tailored to company requirements and deliverable at multiple company locations.


An annual retainer option provides organisations the flexibility to choose when and where to send staff and management for training while obtaining a low and predictable cost of training.

Our Training:

Industrial Relations

Our Industrial Relations workshops and courses are designed to give delegates the skills and knowledge necessary to handle all proceedings and processes involved in employee relations, including trade union negotiations.

  • Effective Discipline and Performance Management
  • Disciplinary Hearings
  • CCMA Procedures
  • Organisational Rights
  • Labour Law for HR Practitioners and Small Enterprises
  • Poor Work Performance and Incapacity
  • Misconduct
  • Basic Conditions of Employment Act
  • Retrenchments


Forming the LabourNet Certified Series, LabourNet Training and Development Solutions covers all aspects of payroll managements at Associate, Professional, Specialist and Expert level.

  • Basic Conditions of Employment Act
  • Income Tax Legislation
  • UIF, SDL, COIDA and the LRA
  • Payroll Procedures and Company Policies
  • PSIberWORKS Payroll System
  • Taxation
  • Accounting and Reconciling
  • Problem-solving for Payroll

Human Resource Management

Our complement of HR programmes focuses on the development of individuals at supervisory and management level to enhance their skills set in order to more effectively lead team members.

  • Effective Performance Management
  • Interviewing Techniques for Successful Recruitment
  • Utilising Situational Leadership
  • Basic Supervisory Skills
  • Coaching and Training for Supervisors

Organisation Transformation and Employment Equity

he Transformation courses offered by LabourNet Training and Development Solutions encompass all aspects of the Employment Equity Act and its application as well training for the Skills Development committee.

  • Employment Equity for the Advisory Committee
  • Employment Equity Act for Management
  • Skills Development in the Workplace