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LabourNet Talent Management Solutions is made up of a unique set of products and services that help organisations to develop processes and systems which will drive a performance culture, where employees are motivated towards achieving common goals which are aligned towards the achievement of business imperatives.

Our set of services incorporate talent management best practice functions such as:


LabourNet assists your organisation to structure and manage all processes involved in the on-boarding of your new recruits.

  • Training: Interviewing Skills and Employee Induction
  • Recruitment policies and procedures
  • Employee induction: manuals, policies and procedures

Performance Management

LabourNet develops and assists you to manage a Performance Management system which ensures that your employees are aligned to and consistently managed against your organisation’s objectives and performance standards.

  • Development of Performance Management Policies
  • Facilitation and training on Performance Reviews
  • Measurement of Return on Investment on improved performance

HR Development

LabourNet assists you to integrate your Performance Management system with training and development strategies.

  • Development of strategic skills profile
  • Training Needs Analysis, Personal Development Plans and Career Paths for employees
  • Drafting of Workplace Skills Plan and Annual Training Report

Reward & Remuneration

LabourNet assists your organisation to create sound reward and remuneration practices.

  • Job grading
  • Income differential analysis
  • Employee incentive strategies 

Retention & Succession Planning

LabourNet assists your organisation to identify critical positions for succession planning, reasons for staff leaving and factors which will retain staff, and structures a retention and succession planning strategy.

  • Surveys: Culture, 360 Degree and Staff Satisfaction
  • Retention strategy
  • Identify critical positions and skill sets: Personal Succession Plans and Workplace Skills Plan

LabourNet has the capacity to professionally set up and manage each element of the human resources value chain within your organisation to create a sound organisational structure that’s ensure you have the right people, with the right skills, doing the right things, at the right time; ultimately leading to bottom line success.

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