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LabourNet Recruitment is currently running a reduced fee special of 12% to all companies requiring additional recruitment expertise in identifying and qualifying of top talent in the current climate!

Valid for June & July!

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As a prominent corporate recruiter, LabourNet assists businesses to develop and maintain an effective workforce by identifying talented individuals who will help them achieve their objectives. Our recruitment specialists offer a range of unique and flexible solutions geared for permanent positions, temporary employment services as well as skills testing and verification services. 

Permanent Placements


Search allows clients to find the right candidates for niche positions in the executive and scarce skills sector, and gives them access to specialised headhunting and research capabilities.


With Recruit-mix, we give clients the option to choose which phases they require and only pay for the services associated with those phases eg. Response Handling (Screening all candidates both internally and externally) Panel Management, Drafting of job specifications and advertisements, Consulting for shortlisted candidates.


The Traditional package combines all of LabourNet Recruitment Solutions’ extensive capabilities into one comprehensive solution and is based on a once-off fee per placement

Temporary Employment Services

LabourNet also specialises in temporary and fixed-term contract placements. This service includes the option to employ on a weekly or monthly basis on LabourNet’s highly sophisticated payroll system, skills testing and background checks as well as statutory deductions and leave pay.

Credit and criminal record checks
Validation of academic qualifications
Identity checks
Driver’s license checks
Psychometric testing
Reference check
Pre-employment polygraph

Skills Testing

Screen candidates more effectively, giving you the power to identify and choose the best talent with the right skill set. This service includes hundreds of skills and behavioural assessments in the following sectors. We recognise that every business is different and that when it comes to cost and service value, you should have the flexibility to choose the right solution to match your exact business needs. LabourNet’s Talent Management services provide you with the solutions to experience the success. We direct you in employing the very best talent the market has to offer, and in so doing you build productive workforces who are able to deliver results aligned to company objectives.

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