Ensuring Optimal Staff Performance

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LabourNet proactively installs best practice and procedures in Industrial Relations, ensuring optimal staff performance, reduced workplace conflict and minimised risk in dismissing staff, all within the required legislative framework. Our firm but fair approach to trade union collective bargaining, discipline management, strike handling, incapacity investigations and restructuring, minimise disruption to your company’s operations so that you can achieve your strategic objectives.

LabourNet IR services are provided by our qualified and experienced Industrial Relations consultants who proactively seek to mitigate risks within your business and reduce conflict as well as add value to business operations by implementing practical solutions that assist management in coping with labour legislation requirements.

Our Services Cover

Ensuring Compliance

LabourNet spends time with your organisation to measure the effectiveness of your current Industrial Relations processes and procedures, and ensuring that they are in line with legislation and organisational objectives

Discipline Management

LabourNet ensures the effectiveness of management intervention in the handling of misconduct in the workplace by making sure that the correct processes and procedures are followed and providing sound guidance and representation for disciplinary actions and grievances.

Performance Management

The performance of your employees is directly related to the productivity and morale of your workforce. LabourNet strives to assist clients to maintain and promote a positive work environment, and address issues involving individuals which arise out of or affect work conditions.

Incapacity Management

LabourNet assists you to fairly and objectively assess and manage employee absenteeism as a result of ill health, considering the impact of the absenteeism on workplace performance and productivity

Collective Bargaining

LabourNet will help you to manage the multilateral relationship between the employer, the employee and trade unions, as well as bargaining councils to deal with collective agreements, and prevent and resolve labour disputes.

Restructuring & Retrenchment

LabourNet assists in conceptualizing and implementing restructuring strategies in compliance with legislative measures and employee relations best practice to allow for a more productive environment that is aligned with organisational objectives.

Litigation Management & Support

LabourNet is able to help clients cope with the potential stress of exposure to litigation and budget effectively for litigation costs. LabourNet provides on-going support and assistance for the integration of client participation in the litigation process and where required, expert assistance with access to a preferred panel of qualified attorneys at preferential rates.

Strike Assistance

Although all efforts are put in to avoid industrial unrest, unfortunately these are not always successful cumulating in industrial action. If this occurs LabourNet will be on hand to assist clients with this difficult aspect of industrial relations. LabourNet assists in the establishment of picketing rules, the issuing of ultimatums and negotiations with striking employees.

Helpdesk Support

LabourNet Industrial Relations offers clients a FREE Helpdesk support function which is staffed by qualified consultants, who are able to act as your first point of contact for quick, up-to-the-minute legal advice on a wide range of labour-related issues.

Litigation Assistance

As a complimentary service to the Industrial Relations Product, Labournet provides ongoing assistance with pending litigation at CCMA and Bargaining Council level. Clients are assisted by qualified litigators based at each Labournet branch who provide both support assistance and/or representation at the respective dispute resolution forum. Further assistance is provided in the drafting of relevant documentation and preparation of witnesses.

Bargaining council, unemployment insurance fund and workmans compensation fund registration

LabourNet will assist clients with registration with the applicable Bargaining Councils. Once registered, LabourNet will assist clients to be compliant with conditions of employment, minimum wage and pension or provident funds legislated in the respective Bargaining Councils.

LabourNet will further assist with the registration of UIF and Workmans Compensation Funds.

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