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LabourNet facilitates the management of health and safety in the workplace for both employers and employees alike. Our range of professional and quality services support companies in their drive towards legal compliance through the establishment of a comprehensive Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS). This includes the identification and mitigation of risks and support in the reporting and management of incidents. Our solutions deliver value-added benefits to organisations by promoting the ‘right way’ of working that enhances the quality of life and prevents avoidable losses to people, property and the environment.

Health and Safety Audit

Risk based management

Increased Productivity

Enhanced Quality

Enhanced Service Levels

Enhanced Reputation

Improved Attendance

Management Leadership & Employee Participation

Top management leadership and effective employee participation are vital for the success of an organisation.


During this process LabourNet identifies OHSMS issues such as hazards, risks, management system deficiencies and opportunities for improvement.

Implementation and Operation

An effective OHSMS pursues the objectives from the planning process through its main operational elements, namely:

  • Hierarchy of Controls
  • Design Review
  • Management of Change
  • Procurement
  • Contractors
  • Emergency Preparedness and Response
  • Competence and Training
  • Communication
  • Document, Data and Record Control

Evaluation, Preventative and Corrective Action

We make on-going evaluations of performance through monitoring, measurement, assessment, audits, accident/incident investigations, and analysis. 

Preventative action is taken when opportunities for improvement are identified. Corrective Action is taken when non-conformances are identified.

Management Review

Reviews are carried out by top management who have the authority to make decisions about necessary actions and resources. The organisation needs to ensure that the necessary information is available for top management in order to evaluate the continuing suitability and effectiveness of the OHSMS.


The design and delivery of our learning programme allows learners (with little or no learning in OHS) to achieve functional competency. Learners have the opportunity to develop a powerful skill set foundational to the effective management of OHS through the following courses:

  • OHS Act & Regulations (85/1993)
  • Continuous Risk Assessment
  • Incident Investigation & Analysis
  • OHS Legal Liability for Top Management
  • OHS (Worker) Representative
  • OHSMS Workshop for Management

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