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Course List

Communication in the Workplace

Applying Communication Theory in the workplace
Leading discussion and chairing meetings

Employment Equity

Introduction to the Employment Equity Act
EE - Definition and Purpose
EE - Unfair Discrimination
EE - Affirmative Action
EE - Commission for Employment Equity
EE - Monitoring, Enforcement & Legal Proceedings
EE - General Provisions

Dispute Resolution

Purpose and Application of the CCMA
CCMA Proceedings
Conciliation, Arbitration & Con-Arb
Law of Evidence
Variations, Rescissions & Reviews

Leadership Courses

Applying Mathematical Analysis
Business Ethics
Change Management
Communication Skills
Conflict Management
Conflict Management
Decision Making
Diversity Management
Emotional Intelligence
Empowerment of Team Members
Finance for Non-Financial Managers
Identify Brand Mix Elements
Knowledge Management
Leadership Theories
Maintaining Workplace Relations
Operational Planning
Performance Management
Project Planning
Promoting a Learning Culture
Recruitment Process
Risk Management
Talent Management
Team Building

Skills Development Coordination Practices

Introduction to Skills Development Legislation
How to become a SDF
Conducting a training needs analysis
The Workplace Skills Plan
Implementation of the Workplace Skills Plan
Annual Skills Reporting and Quality Management


Understanding the employment Relationship
Discipline in the workplace (includes policies and templates)
Disciplinary rules and sanctions
Rules of Evidence
Drafting disciplinary charges
Initiating Disciplinary Action
Conducting a Disciplinary Hearing

Handling Grievances

Conflict in the workplace
The Grievance Process
Lodging a Grievance
Facilitating a Grievance Hearing
Building Stakeholder Capacity
Recording Grievances and Analysing Trends

Computer Literacy

Introduction to Computers
Microsoft Word - Basic, Intermediate & Advanced
Microsoft PowerPoint - Basic & Advanced
Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Excel - Basic, Intermediate & Advanced
Microsoft Visual Basics (Excel)
Financial Modelling
Microsoft Access

Occupational Health & Safety

OHS in the workplace
Apply Fire Fighting Techniques
SHE Representatives

Soft Skills Courses

Customer Satisfaction
Negotiation Skills
Personal Development
Sales Stress Management
Time Management

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