Misconduct Investigations and Report Writing skills

Cost: R3 600.00 excl. Vat*

Duration: 3 Days

*Cost based on Blended Learning Facilitation, traditional classroom interventions can be facilitated, upon request, at an additional cost

Who should attend?

Operational Managers, Head of Departments, Human Resource Practitioners and Business Owners

Course Overview

The objective of this course is to determine the causes of an incident rather than to apportion blame to individuals i.e. fact-finding (what allowed this to happen) rather than fault-finding (who allowed this to happen) and how to report on it.

This course will enable Learners to:

  • Understand how evidence is weighed;
  • Have the skills to conduct a lawful and fruitful investigation;
  • Have the skills to write a meaningful report.
  • Understand the legal framework in which investigations take place;
  • Understand the role of various types of investigations;
  • Know what constitutes admissible evidence;

Learning assumed to be in place

  • Communicate effectively - at least NQF level 4

SETA Assessment of Competency (Optional)

No Assessments available for this course.


Types of Investigations
  • The Nature of Investigations Generally
Legal Framework
  • Relevant Legislation, Regulations, Policies and Procedures
Investigation Procedures
  • Misconduct Investigation
Rights, Powers, Protocols
  • Powers of Investigators
  • Rights of Employees
Law of Evidence
  • Overview
  • Forms of Evidence
  • The Onus
  • The Standard of Proof
  • Admissibility
  • Relevance: Exercise
  • Relevance: Input
  • Desirability: Exercise
  • Undesirable Evidence: Admissions and Confessions/Undue Influence
  • Weight: Exercise
  • Cautionary Rules
Investigation Skills
  • Adopting a Tone
Factual Analysis and Course of Action
  • Factual Analysis: Role play
  • Application of Law
Preparation of the Report
  • Constructing Logical Arguments
  • Argumentative Fallacies: Exercise
  • Plain English: Exercise
  • Publishing Allegations
  • Producing the Report
  • Persuasive and Analytical Writing
Report Writing Exercise
Techniques in Interrogation