Managing Incapacity: Ill Health & Poor Work Performance

Cost: R2 400.00 excl. Vat Duration: 2 Day

*Cost based on Blended Learning Facilitation, traditional classroom interventions can be facilitated, upon request, at an additional cost

Who should attend?

This course is intended for persons who are, or seek to be, a human resources management or employment relations practitioner at middle management level.

Course Overview

The objective of this course is to aid delegates in developing a better understanding of the principles and techniques necessary for dealing with employee incapacity and poor work performance in the context of current South African legislation, thereby allowing you to manage your area more effectively and avoiding unfair labour practice that may result in disciplinary actions being overturned by the relevant legislative bodies.

This course will enable Learners to:

  • Determine the difference between incapacity and misconduct
  • Conduct a process of handling employee incapacity as a result of ill health
  • Understand the relevant legislative principles and requirements in dealing with employee incapacity due to health
  • Conduct a process of handling employee poor work performance o Understand the relevant legislative principles and requirements in dealing with employee incapacity due to poor work performance
  • Follow a set of guidelines on actions to be taken should an employee fail to meet performance goals or objectives due to incompetence (poor work performance)

Learning assumed to be in place

  • Communicate effectively (at least NQF level 4)

SETA Assessment of Competency (Optional)

No assessments available for this course.


1. Managing Incapacity due to Ill Health:
  • What does the law say regarding employee Incapacity due to Ill Health?
  • The Seriousness of the Incapacity
2. Investigation:
  • Alternative/Adapted Employment
  • Counseling
  • Disabled Employees
  • When is Termination Fair?
  • The Right to Paid Sick Leave
  • Practical Application
  • Calling an Investigation
  • Disputes about Dismissals Due To Ill Health or Injury
  • Formative Assessment Activity
3. Absenteeism:
  • Mechanisms at your Disposal
  • Proactive Measures
  • Sick Notes
4. Managing Incapacity as a Result of HIV/AIDS:
  • Confidentiality
  • Dealing with employee response to HIV/Aids
  • Dismissal for HIV/Aids
5. Substance and Alcohol Abuse:
  • Relevant Legislation
  • Dismissal for Incapacity: Alcohol Dependence
  • How to Test in an Employee is under the Influence of Alcohol
6. Managing Poor Work Performance:
  • Principles and Legalities
  • Differentiating between Probation and Employees that perform poorly
  • Substantive & Procedural Fairness
  • Informal & Formal Process
  • Dealing with Managers who perform poorly
  • Formative Assessment Activity
7. A Practical Guide for Dealing with Poor Work Performance:
  • Step 1: Fact Gathering Process
  • Step 2: Performance investigation
  • Step 3: Performance Consultation
  • Step 4: Progress Meetings
  • Step 5: Final Performance Review