Lockdown Level 3: Summary for businesses

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33(4) movement of persons between provinces and hotspots are prohibited unless:

  • Persons doing so in the course of carrying out work responsibilities or performing any service permitted under Alert Level 3, provided that such person is in possession of a permit issued by the employer (form 2)


46(1) All business and other institutions may operate except for the ones set out in table 2




All persons who are able to work from home must do so. However, persons in all industries and activities will be permitted to perform work outside the home, and to travel to and from work, under Alert Level 3, subject to-

  • strict compliance with health protocols, and social distancing measures;

  • return to work being phased in to enable measures to make the workplace COVID-ready;

  • return to work being done in a manner that avoids and reduces risks of infection; and

  • provided that they are not listed in this Table.

This table must be read in conjunction with the regulations above, in particular, the restrictions on the movement of persons, places and premises and gatherings


  • Consumption of food and beverages at or in the place of sale, including restaurants, retail outlets, convenience stores or informal traders

  • On-site consumption of liquor

  • Short term home-sharing/letting/leasing/rental for leisure purposes

  • Domestic passenger air travel for recreational purposes until the directive is issued

  • Passenger ships for recreational purposes.

  • Conferences and events, including sports events, except as provided for in the Regulations.

  • Personal care services, including hairdressing, beauty treatments, make-up and nail salons and piercing and tattoo parlours, except those identified in directions by the relevant cabinet member

  • Exclusions relating to public transport services are in directions issued by the Cabinet member responsible for transport

  • Exclusions relating to education services are in directions issued by the Cabinet members responsible for education

  • Tourist attractions, casinos and entertainment activities, except those identified in directions by the relevant cabinet member

46(2) All businesses and other institutions with more than 100 employees must where possible, make provision for minimizing the number of employees at the workplace at any given time through the rotation, staggered working hours, shift systems, remote working arrangements or similar measures, in order to ensure social distancing and to limit congestion in public transport and at the workplace


46(3) Health protocols and social distancing measures for persons employed in private residence must be adhered to


46(4) Health protocols and social distancing measures set out in directions must be adhered to, in addition to the OHS directions


46(5) Employers must implement measures for employees for are over 60 or those with comorbidities to facilitate their safe return to work, which may include special measures at the workplace to limit employee’s exposure to COVID-19 infection and where possible that the employees work from home


46(6) Construction, manufacturing, business and financial services firms with more than 500 employees must finalise appropriate sector or workplace arrangements or compacts to address the following –

  • provide, or arrange transport to their employees coming to the site, or, where this is not possible, consider staggering working time arrangements to reduce congestion in public transport;

  • stagger the return to work of employees to ensure workplace readiness and avoiding traffic congestion as a result of the return to work;

  • screen employees daily for symptoms of COVID 19 and refer those that display symptoms for medical examination and testing where necessary; and

  • submit data collected during the screening and testing programme to the authority referred to in regulation 8.

46(7) Sector-specific health protocols must be developed by the Department of Health, in consultation with the relevant industry body, where such a body exists, which must include provisions for those circumstances where a firm cannot operate staggered working hours or provide transport to its employees.

47(1) Industries which are permitted to operate must

  • designate a COVID-19 compliance officer who must oversee the

(i) implementation of the plan

(ii) adherence to the standards of hygiene and health protocols

  • develop a workplace plan for the phased-in return of their employees prior to reopening the workplace (Annexure E) and must be retained for inspection and must contain the following information

(i) which employees are permitted to work

(ii) the plan for the phased-in return of employees

(iii) health protocols are in place

(iv) details of the COVID-19 officer

  • phase in the return of their employees to manage the return of employees from other provinces

  • develop measures to ensure workplace meets the standard of health protocols, adequate space and social distancing

Download the full regulations here.

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