The 2020 Budget Speech is just around the corner and we could be in for a few expensive surprises !

2019 was an incredibly difficult year for everyone. Most of us struggled to make ends meet and even SARS battled to meet their revenue targets. It’s been common knowledge that there already has, and will continue to be, a shortfall in tax collection, and somehow this hole has to be plugged. The question is – will ordinary taxpayers have to bear the brunt of this yet again, and if so how, less relief, higher taxes and the new taxation rules regarding foreign earnings, reduced benefits or increased tax rates on benefits – are all the options that Treasury and SARS have at their disposal to pass this burden on to the taxpayer. All of this, as usual, will be revealed on Budget Speech day.

Join us at our March 2020 Tax Year End Seminars …
… where we will unpack and analise how the Budget Speech will impact our employees financially and how we can ensure that our day to day payroll management activities are compliant with the latest legislation.



7.30 to 9.00

Session 1:

9.00 to 10.30

Chapter 1 – From March 2019 – a quick reminder of the tax changes and what you should have done in your payroll system in preparation for this years’ IRP5 submission

Chapter 2 – All SARS Policy changes and interpretation notices, other SARS notices and the Taxation Laws Amendment Bill 2019

Session 2:

11.00 to 13.00

Chapter 3 – Budget Speech 2020 – Impact on individuals, Businesses and all Relevant payroll related changes. A comparison of all changes since last year.

Chapter 4 – Other key legislative changes this past year (COIDA, UIF, SDL, etc)

Chapter 5 – New/changes to Acts that impact Payroll Management

Chapter 6 – Payroll “Quirks and Oddities”during 2019 


13.00 to 14.00


1 – Brief review of all payroll related legislative changes since March 2019:

– Changes emanating from the 2019 Budget Speech – what had to be done for this year

– SARS policy changes

– SARS new Interpretation Notices, Binding Rules, etc

– Other important SARS communication

– Understanding “Variable Remuneration”

– Update and review of IRP5 code changes for the 2020 year

– e@syfile update

– Payroll related changes – TLAB 2019

2 – This years’ budget speech:

– Impact on employees – ie on benefits and take-home pay

– Impact on payroll management – ie changes required to company policies and procedures

– Impact on payroll systems – checklist on what needs to be changed / added in the payroll system

– Full comparison between this year and last years’ changes

– Update on taxation of employee’s foreign earnings

3 – Review of other legislative changes and their impact on payroll processing / systems:

– UIF (status of new benefits committed to)

– LRA (status of new leave types – parental, etc)

– Employment Equity Act – changes to the reports

– COIDA (new system)

4 – Payroll oddities:

– Meals and meal vouchers – how to tax these benefits

– Bravery / long service awards – reminder of what one can and can’t do

– ETI – a review of some of the more challenging calculations

Other items we will be discussing include:

We will be discussing a variety of important and current payroll related topics and challenges, all aimed at ensuring that you are kept up-to-date, and more importantly, compliant with the latest payroll related legislation.

The past year has seen a number of changes to existing IRP5 codes as well as the introduction of a few new ones, all of which should now be in use within your payroll systems. If not implemented correctly, there will be many issues and queries, and could put you at risk of being non compliant with SARS when submitting your final IRP5’s this year. We will look at all these changes and additions and provide some key pointers regarding how to check that your payroll has been managing them correctly before you submit your certificates to SARS.

As is customary at these seminars we will also look at any recent Interpretation Notices and policy changes since the last Budget Speech and of course, the 2019 Tax Laws Amendment Bill – and the impact all these will have on payroll management. We will also be doing a comparison between the new tax changes as announced in the 2020 Budget Speech with last years’ budget speech to understand the implications of these changes – from an employee perspective and a payroll system perspective.

For those employees thinking of taking up an offshore working opportunity in a tax friendly country or for those employers planning to send an employee to set up an office or just to do some work in another country – from March 2020 it’s not going to be as easy and as lucrative as it used to be!. We will again be providing some clarity on the upcoming changes and will be discussing important “need to know” tax and statutory rules, and other legislative information regarding working in an offshore, tax friendly environment. In particular we will look at how these earnings and associated deductions are to be reflected on the employee’s IRP5 from March.

There have been a number of changes to UIF legislation in the past two years, but confusion is still abound when it comes to the some of the new changes in labour legislation (Parental Leave in particular) and how these changes align with UIF benefits. We will confirm what’s actually changed, what’s still in not clear and how all this affects the UIF data submission process, the claim process and value of benefits paid.

Dates and Venues

09 March 2020
Pretoria, CSIR International Convention Centre Pretoria
11 March 2020 Johannesburg(East) - Emperors Palace Johannesburg
12 March 2020 Johannesburg(West) - The Fairways Johannesburg
13 March 2020 Johannesburg(North) - Indaba Hotel Johannesburg
16 March 2020 Port Elizabeth - The Boardwalk Casino Port Elizabeth
17 March 2020 Cape Town - Lord Charles Hotel Cape Town
18 March 2020 Cape Town - Venue D’Aria Cape Town
19 March 2020 Durban - Southern Sun Elangeni Durban
20 March 2020 Durban - Gateway Hotel Umhlanga Durban

Rob Nowicki

Chairman at PSIber Group (Pty) Ltd.

Robert Nowicki has been involved in the design and development of Payroll, HR and Tax systems for over thirty years, both locally and internationally. He was a founder of one of the first PC based Payroll/HR applications in South Africa and also pioneered the concept of cloud-based Payroll/HR Services, with the launch of PSIberWORKS in 2000. This initiative resulted in the birth of online tax payments and returns – formally known as, which later became the highly accredited SARS e-filing service. His extensive knowledge of employee-related payroll and tax matters and his ability to convey all this in a relaxed and easy to understand manner, has made him a popular speaker at seminars and conferences.

Registration Fees (VAT inclusive):

One delegate – R 2 765.00 per person

Two or more delegates – R 2 550.00 per person

Inclusions: Half day seminar, Tea/coffee, Lunch and Course material



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