HIRA - Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment

R2 600.00 excl. VAT

Duration: 2 Days

NQF details: This course has been aligned to –
1. Unit Standard 244287: Conduct baseline Risk Assessment and take appropriate action
2. Unit Standard 244508: Conduct issue-based Risk Assessment and take appropriate action

Who should Attend

Supervisors, Middle Management, Senior Management, Safety Representatives or other Employees involved with design/selection and allocation of workspaces.


Attendees gain knowledge and skills enabling them to do baseline and issue-based risk assessments. Delegates will understand what to do in preparation for baseline and issue-based risk assessments. The application of remedial actions taken to mitigate hazards identified, are implemented on various risks assessed. Delegates formulate an understanding of Ergonomics and how to prepare for and conduct ergonomic assessments as well as initiating post-assessment activities.

What will set you apart?

  • Understand the concept, definitions applicable to- and importance of-
  • Know processes in identifying and assessing associated risk and information required to do-
  • Know the steps to take when identifying and sequence in applying control measures for risks
  • Have knowledge of the different types of risk assessments
  • Measure the risks against relevant standards and record deviations observed
  • Initiate remedial and follow-up actions for identified hazards
  • Apply remedial actions to rectify deviations from the standard
  • Understand the importance of effective SHE management in the workplace
  • Incorporate findings of Incident Investigations into risk assessments
  • Use risk assessments when assisting with incident investigations at work

What will set you apart?

  • Mathematical skills at NQF Level 4
  • Communication skills at NQF Level 4