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LabourNet facilitates the basic food safety requirements in the workplace for both employers, employees, and consumers. Our range of professional and quality services support companies in the food industry towards legal compliance through the establishment of a Food Safety System.

This includes the implementation, hazard identification, training, and continuous improvement of the system. Our solutions deliver value-added benefits to organisations by promoting safe and hygienic food handling practices.

Food safety is about changing the culture of the workplace, the behavior of the staff, and ensuring continuous improvement throughout the implementation process

Why does LabourNet implement basic food safety?

WE DO IT because we want to ensure that the food handlers throughout the food industry comply with the basic food hygiene requirements as set out in the R638 Regulations governing the general hygiene requirements for food premises, transport of food and related matters.
Ensuring compliance protects the food facility, food handlers and the consumers.

Food Safety Compliance Audit

Enhanced Product Quality

Reduced Customer Complaints

Enhanced Company and Brand Reputation

Enhanced Service Levels

Increased Employee Awareness through Training

How do we do this?

LabourNetfacilitates the food safety file for the employers and employees, from drafting and implementing of policies and procedures, presenting training, and conducting hygiene compliance audits.

LabourNet takes a pragmatic approach by assisting clients with:

•   An industry specific food safety system which may include additional customer requirements
•   Promoting food safety and hygiene practices in the daily work environment.
•   A customized training matrix to suit your needs
•   Implementing control measures to eliminate potential risks
•   Monthly on-site hygiene audits for the facility and documentation.
•   We do so efficiently, effectively, and economically

LabourNet assists with all the interlinking aspects of R638 which play a critical role in basic food safety:

Personal Hygiene for all food handlers

Cleaning & Sanitation of the facility and equipment

Requirements for the building, layout, and design

Temperature Control for the facility and food transport vehicles


Traceability of all products throughout the food chain

Pest control in the food facility


LabourNet assists with the drafting, implementation and training of policies, procedures, and registers of the interlinking aspects of R638. These policies and procedures form a solid foundation for an effective food safety system and to ensure compliance.

  • Personal Hygiene
  • Cleaning & sanitation
  • Pest control
  • Traceability
  • Training
  • Critical control Point identification such as temperature control
  • Internal and external audits

Evaluation and Continuous improvement

We make on-going evaluations of performance through site audits, documentation reviews, analysis, and methods to reduce the risk of product contamination.

Corrective actions are used to determine the root cause of non-conformances and implement steps of improvement and to prevent reoccurrence.


The design of the food safety system allows for LabourNet to provide the basic internal training in terms of national legislation and any additional customer statutory requirements that the company may need to comply with. Staff have the opportunity to increase their skill set through the following courses:

  • First Aid
  • Basic fire fighting

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