Fire Fighting & Evacuation

R850.00 excl. vat

Duration: 1 Day

Accredited with HWSETA US 252250
Level 1 | Credits 3: Apply fire fighting techniques

Who should Attend

All employees who are tasked or appointed as fire fighters at their workplace. Any person who would like to attain basic fire-fighting skills. Employees appointed as Fire Marshals, Evacuation-Coordinators and Fire Wardens, Security personnel etc. Any employee who may be involved during an Emergency Evacuation in a company.


A modular course for employees will be appointed as fire fighters and fire marshals within their workplace, so as to comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act. The skills, values and knowledge reflected in this course are required by people in the field of manufacturing and engineering and other. Learners gain knowledge and skills pertaining to understanding, extinguishing, awareness of dangers, and monitoring of fires. Roles and responsibilities of various evacuation-related appointed personnel is explained to delegates during this course. Essential components to be included when drawing up emergency floor plans are explained at and discussed.

What will set you apart?

  • Understand procedures for dealing with fires in the workplace
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the different components of fire
  • Select appropriate fire-fighting equipment
  • Prevent fires by reducing hi-risk components around the workplace
  • Operate different types of fire-fighting equipment in various situations
  • When not to fight fires
  • Understand different ways fire spread -conduction, convection and radiation
  • Notifying the Emergency Management Services
  • Evacuation procedures and correct modus operandi of everyone in the company during the evacuation
  • Responsible persons during evacuations and their duties and responsibilities