Cross Examination Techniques

Cost: R3 600.00 excl. Vat* Duration: 3 Days

*Cost based on Blended Learning Facilitation, traditional classroom interventions can be facilitated, upon request, at an additional cost

Target Audience

Compliance Managers, HR Managers and Officers, Line Managers and Supervisors who attend hearings and may need to cross examine or question witnesses.

Course Overview

The objective of cross examination techniques course is to aid delegates in to be able to effectively test evidence and the ins and outs of a trial situation. Delegates will learn about specific techniques in cross examining different kinds of witnesses and be exposed to examples of cross examination situations and dilemmas.

This course will enable learners to:

  • Understand how evidence is tested
  • Have a thorough knowledge of the ins and outs of a trail situation
  • Use specific techniques in cross examining different kinds of witnesses
  • Deal with cross examination situations and dilemmas

Learning assumed to be in place

  • Apply writing, listening and talking skills at least at NQF level 5

SETA Assessment of Competency (Optional)

  • No assessments available for this course


1. Overview of the Trial process in Misconduct Dismissals
  • The Cycle of Questioning a Witness
  • Investigations
2. Evidence
  • What is Evidence
  • Evidentiary Material
3. Admissibility
  • Cross Examination - Relevance
  • Admissibility and Cross-Examination – Desirability
4. Evidence in Chief 20
  • Leading and Non-Leading Questions
  • Insulating your Witness from Attack in Cross-Examination
5. The Socratic Structure of Narrative and Belief
  • Belief, Story-Telling and the Greeks
  • Concrete Versus Abstract Images
  • Open, Closed and Transitional Questions
6. Cross Examination
  • A History of Cross-Examination
  • The Purpose of Cross-Examination Revisited
  • Contemporary Cross-Examination - Facts and Fictions
  • Key Steps in Preparing for Cross-Examination
7. The Build-up in Questioning
8. One Question too Many
  • Corroboration
9. Practical Scenarios
  • Demeanour
  • Corroboration
  • Consistency
  • Probability
  • Reliability
  • Cross Examination - Case Study
  • Cross-Examination - Role Play