Collective Bargaining Levies – MEIBC & MIBFA

Official confirmation was received that any employer that belongs to the MEIBC and that currently deducts Collective Bargaining Levies (CBL) from their employees, must immediately stop deducting same. Also, any CBL payments made to employees must stop with immediate effect.

MEIBC and MIBFA are currently inundated with requests for refunds, therefore they are requesting employers not to contact them directly but rather to follow the prescribed process to claim monies back. Forms can be obtained from any MEIBC or MIBFA office. For your convenience we are attaching above-mentioned forms.

MEIBC and MIBFA reported that individuals and/or companies are engaging in illicit activities to obtain refunds for the CBL and they are requesting companies and/or individuals not to participate in such activities or to accept assistance or help from any such individual and/or company.

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