COIDA & Managing COIDA Claims

Cost: R2 600.00 ex vat

Duration: 2 Days

NQF Level 2

This course has been aligned to Unit Standard 259610: Demonstrate understanding of the procedure for compensation claims for injuries and occupational diseases

Who should Attend

Compliance Managers, HR Managers / Officers, Legal Practitioners, Line Managers, Safety Officers, Safety Representatives, Shop Stewards, Private and Public Sector Employees and Supervisors. Business Owners and HR Practitioners


Sections of Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act (COIDA) explained in detail. Delegates gain knowledge of the nature, of claims and how payments are made by workman’s comp. The course covers when negligence is applicable and when, how and what degree of compensation may be awarded to an employee. When claims are allowed, while not doing their normal duties and processes of investigation, administration and record-keeping of claims are covered in detail during this course. Completing all relevant documentation related to COIDA.

What will set you apart?

  • Understand why COIDA is needed and how the COID Act is implemented
  • Explain government’s and the specific department of government’s involvement in compensating employees who are injured/become ill while on duty
  • Comprehend relevant legislation that regulates Compensation of Employees injured at work
  • Understand the importance of government’s and Department of labour’s involvement in enforcing both Occupational Health & Safety at work and Compensating Employees who become injured or ill while at work
  • Understand the purpose and use of the Reserve Fund
  • Know COIDA’s role in preventing court cases between Employers and Employees
  • Determine when an employer is negligent and the effect negligence has on injured employees
  • Know report-procedures when injuries occur and realise consequences of non-compliance by an employer
  • Recommend what to do with objections to- and processes to follow, when unsuccessful with a workman’s compensation claim also when closed cases may be reopened
  • Explain the role of Director General and Compensation Commissioner in adjudicating an award when a claim is presented
  • Know when workers may claim for compensation when not doing their normal duties

Learning to be assumed

  • Communication at NQF Level 1 or equivalent.
  • Mathematical Literacy at NQF Level 1 or equivalent.