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What Does 2013 have in Store for Payroll

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Every New Year people around the globe start making New Year’s resolutions. Companies try to motivate their staff for better performance. Leaders speculate what the year has in store for them. I am asking the same for payroll. What does 2013 have in store for payroll?

Last year we saw the announcement of proposed changes to the Basic Conditions of Employment Act, the Labour Relations Act and the addition of a Tax Administration Act. During the budget speech in February 2012 and the interim budget speech in August 2012, the minister of finance spoke of the proposed changes and additions to the Medical Tax Credits.

The Continuous Risk Assessment Process

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The liabilities of the employer are highlighted by the OHSAct:

Section 37.  Acts or omissions by employees or mandataries

37(1) Whenever an employee does or omits to do any act which it would be an offence in terms of this Act for the employer of such employee or a user to do or omit to do, then, unless it is proved that –

(a) in doing or omitting to do that act the employee was acting without the connivance (def: Shut the eyes to / the pretence of being unaware) or permission of the employer or any such user;
(b) it was not under any condition or in any circumstance within the scope of the authority of the employee to do or omit to do an act, whether lawful or unlawful, of the character of the act or omission charged; and
(c) all reasonable steps were taken by the employer or any such user to prevent any act or omission of the kind in question,

Employing People With Disabilities

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Ignorance, fear and stereotypes have led to massive discrimination against people with disabilities in society and in employment. Sadly, this results in people with disabilities experiencing high unemployment levels and, on the rare occasion, where they are able to secure employment, its often in low status jobs where they earn less than average salaries.

Unfair disability discrimination arises from assumptions about the abilities and performance of disabled persons, inflexible organisational procedures and rules and inaccessible information, buildings and transport.