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Innovative Ways To Attract Quality Applicants

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When last did you see a job advert that captured your imagination?
The days of dreary black typeface newspaper advertising are long gone. The content and positioning of job adverts have become critical in the success of attracting top talent and sparking interest amongst passive job-seekers. Companies are becoming more innovative and creative in their war for talent and today’s job market is relying more and more on technology to entice quality applicants.

Job seekers, especially in the scarce skills and Executive level categories, are no longer responding to non-descript, vague KPI driven adverts where salary and company benefits are not listed and as such, many international companies are dabbling in concepts like Jobgrams and Video advertising.

The Jobgram works in the following way: Instead of writing a job description, Jobgram makes the advert into an infographic. In a snapshop glance, the applicant gets the idea of what HR wants to convey, all in picture format. This works particularly well for passive candidates who have a much shorter attention span than active candidates. To see an example of how this works, have a look at the following link :

The concept of Jobgrams in the South African market has not yet taken off but I’m certain that we will see this starting to trend in the near future. Video advertising is something that South African companies are starting to consider. Initially, it takes some well thought out word-smithing to develop a description that’s true to a job while keeping it search-optimized. With traditional adverts often getting lost in a flood of internet spam, quality positions can get lost in the mix which is why video ads are a way to differentiate your postings from the rest.

Companies are able to showcase their vacancies with short videos, and create interactive ads that highlight not only the position, but the company as well, thus allowing for more detailed descriptions of the job while offering an insider’s view.

A few minutes of video can supply a great deal more information than even the most well written post. An important thing to bear in mind when conceptualising the ad is that the less orchestrated the video footage is, the more believable and sincere it will be perceived by the prospective applicant. An ad that is of too high a production value is not as convincing as one that has a professional, slightly tongue-in-cheek, “home-made” feel about it.

A video can also convey a company’s culture more effectively than a written ad. Those involved in the video can give valuable insight to applicants: the good, the bad and the ugly. This will help discourage job-hunters who know that they wouldn’t be a good organisational fit.

Sometimes, a traditional recruiting advert simply doesn’t provide the space needed to explain the company or the position. Sometimes, there simply aren’t words to describe the work that needs to be done. This is where videos can be helpful. The medium is by nature much better able to communicate both complexity and nuance.

Companies can offer "day in the life" highlights of employees in similar roles, showing the environment, cultural diversity, what inspires employees to work there and what is expected in the position.

Often these types of ads end with a call to action, prompting qualified candidates to submit their applications. Ideally, the dynamic visuals combined with details of the position and company, will prompt potential candidates—especially in younger generations, who may otherwise have never seen the advert, to apply.

Companies can even have a link to their website which not only drives traffic to the site, but also provides even more information about the company, and their products or services.

LabourNets Recruitment Specialists will gladly assist you in drafting an advert that will entice the type of employees that you want. Remember that the key ingredients to a good advert lie in providing enough information to encourage the prospective candidate to call you wanting more. The advert needs to talk about how great the company is and the positives of working there.  To further promote value, the company should mention technologies and what kind of difference the prospective employee can make in the organization.