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LabourNet assists clients to face the ever increasing risk of litigation within their business by analysing disputes and identifying strategies that prevent them from escalating or resulting in unnecessary settlements which create a negative precedent. Our expert consultants provide professional legal advice, training and preparation for conciliations and arbitration, as well as access to a preferred panel of qualified attorneys.

How do we do this?

  • LabourNet staff will assist you to plan your potential exposure to litigation and estimate your annual litigation costs.
  • When legal representation is prohibited by the CCMA or Bargaining Council, LabourNet will assist with preparation and will train and support your staff throughout the process.
  • When legal representation is permitted, LabourNet’s panel of attorneys is available to handle all litigation for LabourNet customers at a considerably reduced fee.
  • Whilst an attorney may proceed with your litigation, your LabourNet Industrial Relation consultant will provide ongoing support and advice throughout the process.

LabourNet Litigation Solutions

Litigation Support

Should you, as a client of LabourNet, have any matter where representation is prohibited, LabourNet seeks to first empower clients to address the matters themselves by providing your managers with training, thus equipping them to attend to the conciliations or arbitrations themselves. We also assist managers to prepare for the specific matter in detail, help them compile the relevant bundle of documents and provide support to them throughout the arbitration.

Managed Litigation

In all other matters where representation is permitted, members may elect to either represent themselves or to be represented by one of LabourNet's preferred panel of qualified attorneys.
The panel of attorneys are available to LabourNet’s customers at a considerably reduced rate. LabourNet will further ensure that your allocated industrial relations consultant will act as a liaison between you and your attorney, as well as to provide ongoing support and advice throughout the process.

Additional Specialist Services:

These attorneys will not only assist with general litigation matters, but further with:

  • Review Applications
  • Rescission Applications
  • Condonation Applications
  • Demarcation Disputes
  • BCEA Enforcements
  • Employment Equity Disputes
  • Restraint of Trade Disputes

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